“I called Callahan’s because I was having a problem with ants. I’ve seen ants off and on in my house and outside for a few years now. In the past, I would use peppermint spray or ant spray or traps but they never seemed to go completely away.

This year I said I’m going to get it done right. I called Callahan’s and they came out. Dennis the technician said they have an ant treatment that would work and they would come and spray again at no charge if I needed a second spray.

I am so happy I found Callahan’s my ant problem is gone! I have dogs and the treatment was safe for my puppies also. It’s just a pleasure to find a local company that charges what you agreed on and stands by there work, no surprises along the way. I would recommend Callahan’s and will be using them in the future for any of my pest control needs. I wanted to see if the ants came back and 2 months later there is not an ant in sight 😊”

  • Cathy from Brick, NJ

“So happy a friend referred me to Callahan’s. There are plenty of national chains but I always prefer to shop locally. A few days ago I saw a swarm of what I thought we’re termites on the windowsill and was fully prepared for the whole treatment yada, yada, yada. Dennis informed me that they were actually just flying ants that appear this time of year and that no treatment was necessary. Additionally he checked the entire house for any problems and this was done as a complimentary service. Very impressed and will call them if any problems come up in the future.”

  • Lori L. from Asbury Park

“Very good. Everyone was punctual, friendly, professional and dedicated. I felt they treated my home as if it was their own. Couldn’t have had a better experience.”

  • Glenn L.

“We Had Bed Bug Removal Done. It Was A Very Bad Infestation, Since We Did Know They Were There For Many Months, Since They Had To Move Form The Starting Room Out Until We Knew They Were There In The Affected Room.

The company stuck with us through many treatments, since we had such a bad infestation. They were always professional and very concerned on helping get rid of the bed bugs. Their preparation information was thorough and very easy to follow, which I believed helped us get rid of these pests easier in the long run. Their concern was getting us back to normal life and that care and concerned showed in everything they did. I would not hesitate to call them for any pest control needs in the future.”

  • Kelly B.

“Came out and had no issues. They sprayed for bees, wasps, ants and other pests. They always come out right away to help out.”

  • Clif S.

“My phone call for an appointment was promptly returned. A very nice gentleman showed up and thoroughly sprayed outside for termites. He also sprayed for an ant problem we arrived to find, both inside and out. He was on time and worked constantly. We were very satisfied, and asked for a yearly contract, which we received in the mail a few days later. Can’t ask for more!”

  • William R.

“The response was immediately when I called with a concern. There was an incident that was not in their control but they fixed the situation at no additional cost to me with minimal disruption effecting my time and schedule. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

  • Tony C.

“Arrived promptly on scheduled day of service and completed treatment. A re-treatment was required and there was no charge for it as specified prior to the first treatment. Very satisfied with my experience. Will definitely use Callahan’s again if needed.”

  • Bettina P.

“They come in stages, like they will come a few times to spray the bees and then you call them and then they will come back again if there still are a few lingering around. We went with the annual package. They spray inside and outside carpenter bees, they spray pretty much everything. When we are having trouble with our carpenter bees, we just call them and then they would come out the next day and take care of everything and they follow through making sure that we were satisfied with their work.”

  • Jennifer M.

“”I have used them for about 12 years now. They are always on time. I like that they thoroughly inspect everything, and I can trust that they take care of the problem. They have gone above and beyond to help me. They give me a very fair price, and always provide excellent service. I have not had any problems with them, and because of this I have already recommended them to my friends and family.”

  • Paula P.