Mold & Crawl Space

Mold Remediation

Discover peace of mind with Callahan’s Termite and Pest Control’s thorough mold remediation process. Our three-stage approach, utilizing Nisus Corp. products, eliminates visible mold, disinfects exposed areas, and provides long-lasting protection against mold growth.

With a focus on both structural integrity and occupant health, our meticulous process ensures your environment remains free from harmful mold, creating a safer and healthier space for years to come. Trust in our expertise to address mold concerns effectively and comprehensively.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Discover the transformative power of crawlspace encapsulation. Our meticulous process involves creating a continuous waterproof barrier across the ground, walls, posts, and columns of your crawlspace. By preventing moisture infiltration, enhancing indoor air quality, and deterring wood-destroying organisms, encapsulation safeguards your home’s structural integrity and occupants’ health. Our expert technicians conduct thorough inspections, address repairs, and provide transparent proposals, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless experience.

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