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Mold & Crawl Space


We have implemented three stages of applications to the understructure and exposed areas of framing made accessible.

All products are made by Nisus Corp., a leader in wood preservation products


First Stage – MOLD CLEAN

This product is used in all areas where visible mold is present. It is five times more effective than bleach. By using this product, all harmful mold is removed from the framing.

Second Stage – DSV

This product is a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective on mold spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is applied to all exposed framing.

Third Stage – BORA CARE with MOLD CARE

This is a wood surface protectant rendering wood impervious to wood destroying insects, mold and fungi. It is the leading weapon against mold in the industry and will act as a retardant providing years of protection against mold growth.


An encapsulation involves sealing the ground, walls, posts and columns in a crawlspace with one continuous waterproof membrane.

There are several reasons why encapsulation of a home’s crawlspace is recommended:

  1. Prevent moisture in the soil from rising into the home.
  2. Improve air quality throughout the entire home.
  3. Prevent wood destroying insects and organisms such as termites and fungus that can cause extensive damage to the structure.

One of our expert encapsulation technicians will perform an inspection of the crawlspace to determine if any repairs to pipes or equipment are necessary prior to sealing the crawlspace.

Any and all leaks must be repaired before installation of the encapsulation.

After the initial inspection, the customer will be presented with a proposal of what the project will involve and how much it will cost.