What Happens If Termites Are Found During A Real Estate Termite Inspection In NJ?

During a termite inspection, a skilled and experienced termite inspector like Callahan’s Termite & Pest Control, will thoroughly assess the property for signs of these destructive insects. Our family-owned company offers a comprehensive range of services, including pest control, termite inspections, mold removal, and even repair of damage caused by previous termite infestations. As one … Read more

Pest Control In Winter: Keeping Your Home Rodent-Free

Identifying Common Winter Rodents And Pest Control Options During the cold months of a New Jersey winter is when many creatures, including rodents, seek warmth and shelter. This often leads them straight into our homes, causing damage and potential health risks. Understanding these common winter rodents is the first step in effectively keeping them at … Read more

What Happens If You Block The Entrance To A Yellow Jacket Nest?

What are Yellow Jackets? Yellow jackets, the scientific name Vespula or Dolichovespula, are wasps that can be identified by their distinctive yellow and black body markings and small size. They are commonly found in many parts of the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Yellow jackets are social insects that live in colonies with … Read more

How To Prepare Your Home For A Bed Bug Treatment

Understanding Bed Bugs Before we delve into preparation, let’s understand a bit more about bed bugs: Where Can Bed Bugs Be Found? Bed bugs are elusive and can hide in unexpected places. While they’re commonly associated with beds and bed linens, they can also be found: Preparation for Bed Bug Treatment To ensure the effectiveness … Read more

How To Tell If You Found A Termite or an Ant

Winged termites are usually, but not always smaller, about 1/4″ in length. They appear to be cigar shaped and have one body segment, straight antennae, and two pairs of equally long wings. Ants have three body segments with a narrow waist, elbowed antennae and a longer pair of front wings. Termites invade structures of all … Read more